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Ta Quyen Homestay

Ta Quyen Homestay

Enjoy an intimate stay with Ta Quyen and his family of 6 and experience either living in a traditional Red Dao House or in a private bungalow.


Their house is a classic example of Red Dao architecture, and provides an authentic insight into the traditional lifestyle. 

The house also has an enormous traditional rice wine maker which can produce 55 litres of rice wine in one day! Another thing you must not miss when visiting them is their grilled chicken cooked over a traditional ground stove.

The owners

The household is managed by Ta Quyen and his wife Moang. They have been welcoming guests from different parts of the world since 2014, and as other members of the village their main occupation is farming rice and green tea.

Available sleeping arrangements

Bed in traditional Red Dao house

Capacity: 4

Like the family, the guest will sleep in the large open space of the traditional house. 

Modern bathroom facilities provided. 


1 room x 2 double beds

The bungalow is a more private option, still only a few steps from the family house and with a view of the rice fields. 

Private bathroom.


Hot shower

Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

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Phone: 0382866054