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Cultural landscape

Cultural landscape

Nam Hong Village is a quaint village situated in the majestic landscape of Ha Giang Province, where magnificent rice terrace fields are carved from mountains, and views are unparalleled everywhere one looks. It is also home to us, the Red Dao people, an ethnic minority tribe with our own distinctive traditions and practices.

When you visit Nam Hong Village, take in both the culture and the nature of our beautiful cultural landscape.

Mountainous beauty

You can trek through bamboo forests and pass by rice terrace fields when you book a trekking tour.

Unique culture of the Red Dao

The Red Dao are one of the 54 ethnic minority groups in Vietnam, with nearly half a million of them living here. They are well known for being skilled at foraging medicinal herbs from the forest and their unique ceremonies and rituals. Even amongst the Red Dao there is great variation between regions and villages in how their culture is being practiced today.

All local woman still own multiple sets of hand-embroidered traditional clothes
Traditional crafts
Plowing the fields
Ancient texts – some of the villagers know them by heart

You can find out more about our Red Dao Culture by visiting the local museum, and participating in the embroiderybamboo-paper making or farm-to-table workshops

And of course, what better way to find out about our culture than to stay with a local family? Book a stay with one of our friendly homestay owners today.