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The Red Dao’s ethnic minority culture is a gem waiting to be undiscovered. Do not pass by this village without getting to know its people, and how their unique culture has been shaped by the landscape for generations.  

Trekking Tour

The majestic landscape of the rice terraced fields has been a central part of Red Dao life. Have an enjoyable hike and observe the unique biodiversity that you will be surrounded by – ask your guide for the names of interesting herbs – the Red Dao are known for their foraging skills and use of medicinal herbs.

Nam Hong Museum

Get an overview of the Red Dao culture by visiting the Nam Hong Museum! Housed in a traditional bamboo stilt house, understand the everyday life, the rituals and religion and the fashion of the Red Dao people.

Herbal Bath

Spend some hours relaxing in the traditional, all-healing herbal bath which uses herbs from the forest in a recipe passed down for generations.


From a complete Farm-to-Table experience to learning how to embroider like a Red Dao woman, experience the way of life of the Red Dao people during your stay Nam Hong Village.